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Survey  on the Practice of Consulting / Mentoring / Coaching


We submitted the survey in June and July 2022, both in Brazil and abroad.

The invitations were through via email, posts on LinkedIn and direct messages on LinkedIn Sales Navigator,

Approximately 3,000 professionals received the questionnaire

We received a return of 326 valid responses, which corresponds to over 10% of responses.

Survey Design

The survey contained 15 different questions addressing demographic information, current situation, action strategy, and challenges.

We based the survey on a similar model we conducted in 2021 only in Brazil.

We developed the survey on the platform.


Profile of the Participants

Distribuicao dasd Respostas.png

Below is the word cloud of the participant countries that used the english version.

perfil dos paises.png

The sample comprises mainly of professionals who work individually or in teams of up to 5 people. The majority classify themselves as consultants.

​This bias results from focusing the outreach towards this professional profile.


This word cloud reflects the open question of how do they classify themselves. There is a variety of classification.


“STRATEGIC CONSULTANCY” has prevalence.​


Over 70 % of the professionals have more than 5 years of experience.


It is a seasoned group of respondents. 


48 % of the professionals has over 80 % of their income com consultancy activities. 


Almost 50% of the professionals classify their services as “specialized”. 20% considers that they have a generalist approach. 


The most relevant channel for generating business is LinkedIn, followed by email. LinkedIn and Email account for 50% of business generation both in Brazil and abroad.

An interesting point is that speaking engagements surpassed landing pages as a business generation tool.

This is consistent with our experience. See below the origin of the responses to this survey.


7.4 X

LinkedIn generated over 7 times responses to email.

This shows the importance in 2022 of using LinkedIn as a business generation tool.


50% of the respondents informed that referrals generated over 80 % of the businesses. 


The most prevalent pricing strategy is a flat fee per project (around 30%).


20% reported that Hourly rating and Monthly Retainer  are the second or third more common pricing model. 


Among all the respondents, almost 80% consider that 2022 will be better or much better than 2021 for their business.

In our 2021 survey in Brazil, 44% reported a positive outlook in comparison with the previous year. 


This word cloud reflects the open question of what is their challenge to develop their businesses. 

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