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Our History

After successful careers in large companies, we reached a point where the idea of ​​becoming consultants became a reality.

The plan was simple enough; notify our entire network of relationships about the new challenge, update our profile on social networks and prepare an impactful presentation for our “future customers”.

Although we knew the process would take time to mature, deep down, we hoped we would quickly prepare proposals, negotiating and closing contracts.

Then reality set in: potential customers don’t show up as expected. But, of course, we close contracts and focus on these clients 100% of our purpose: to deliver a masterful job. And for each project, when we closed the last report, with it we also closed the last billing.

So we went back to the beginning of the game: let everyone know we are available, send emails, make posts on social networks, coffees, lunches, new presentations, new proposals, new “no’s and yeses”.

Permanently oscillating between heavy workload + good pay and low workload + no pay.

For a long time we blamed crises and the “difficult and competitive market”.

But in the end, we discovered the problem was with us; we had no marketing!

And we didn’t know what marketing to consultants meant.

We delved deeper into the problem and approach marketing for consultants as if it were a project for a client, which in this case was ourselves.

Our Commitments

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