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Our Commitments

Co_labore Consulting was created to collaborate with individual consultants, small consulting firms and professionals who want or need to make the transition to consulting, whether in the medium or short term.


We are convinced that all these professionals have the power to be a force for the improvement of our society.

Our purpose is to guide and support through experiences and methodologies developed to build a consistent and predictable portfolio of clients and projects.

Co_Labore Consulting has the following commitments:




All information is presented clearly, with minimal use of jargon or other obscure forms of communication;



All knowledge and information must be passed on in a clear and direct manner, with no retention of parts conditioned to an exchange or purchase. In short, whatever is asked that is not protected by some secrecy will be answered regardless of whether it is covered by a payment.




Each professional is unique and has a particular history and needs. We will never sell something that we think is not suitable for the specific moment or that have unrealistic expectations. We also undertake that we will never present an offer of any product or service in a disguised, covert or obscure manner;


Our objective is for the professional to acquire independence in the application of the tools, controlling the entire marketing/sales process.

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